Economic “Lift” Just Around the Corner …

Evansville Western Railway’s Integrated Rail Terminal begins operational shakedown.

Electric Cranes 95' tall will move freight to and from rail cars.

Electric Cranes 95′ tall will move freight to and from rail cars.

The approach to the new terminal is impressively long, lighted and landscaped to perfection in what used to be the hay fields of Winter Haven’s Wastewater Treatment Plant #3 south of the city. The vast size of the staging pavement, and freight transfer concourse makes a silent statement to the volume of economic activity that will grow from this first stage of the CSX subsidiary’s Integrated Logistics Center (ILC).  Three 95′ electric cranes move virtually silently on tracks alongside seven CSX rail spurs that will hold freight to be transferred at the facility. The sheer size of the cranes and staging area dwarf several small service buildings that will serve the workers at the facility.

It’s practice or “shake down” time as employees learn exactly how to carefully and efficiently move containerized goods to and from double-stacked rail cars. And the first word in their dictionary is “safety.” Transfer of this completed Phase 1 from construction to Evansville Western’s onsite agent CSX Transportation officially occurs Monday, January 27.

Soon, later this spring, the long-awaited intermodal center will come to life and eventually grow to serve a projected 8 million sq. ft. of warehouse, industrial and office space in the adjacent business park. Highway 60 improvements are in place, parkway connecting plans are being finalized and soon will begin to move.

Seven years in the making, the Evansville Western/CSX ILC is coming to life with a long term impact limited only by the imagination.

Freight staging concourse with electric cranes at right. (January 24, 2014

Freight staging concourse with electric cranes at right. (January 24, 2014)

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2 Responses to Economic “Lift” Just Around the Corner …

  1. And so it begins, thankfully. Change can be difficult and it can be time consuming, but it can also be beneficial. I have no doubt the logistics center will bring real bounty to Winter Haven, Polk County, and central Florida. What a wonderfully well deserved development to have in our midst. Finally!

  2. John Finkbiner says:

    Congratulations! This intermodal facility is huge! It will also be a huge boon to this city.

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