Chamber Board passes Resolution of Support for the Central Polk Parkway

At their October board meeting, the Chamber’s Board of Directors passed the following resolution on the Central Polk Parkway.


October 27, 2014

The Board of Directors of the Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce supports the expeditious funding for the completed design and construction of the Central Polk Parkway.

The development of this road is integral to our community’s capacity to handle the increased traffic created by the CSX Central Florida Intermodal Logistics Center (CFILC) as well as a gateway to our area for increased visitation to LEGOLAND® Florida and other area attractions.

            The supply chain and logistics industry in East Polk County is projected to grow substantially over the next ten years and it is of the utmost importance to plan and build the needed infrastructure to support such growth.  Seamless connectivity between the CFILC and Interstate 4 will provide efficient intermodal freight service to Orlando and Tampa, which will strengthen Florida’s position as a global trade hub and further promote economic development along the I-4 corridor.     

            Our Board of Directors believes this should be Florida’s top transportation priority and that advanced funding should be made for right-of-way acquisition and construction through the Florida Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) as well as other applicable transportation funding sources.  Furthermore, we recommend construction of the Central Polk Parkway begin first at the I-4 interchange and progress south and then west.  This sequence of construction will expedite the connection between Winter Haven and Orlando and provide traffic relief to US 27.

Initial proposal of the Central Polk Parkway

Initial proposal of the Central Polk Parkway

For those of you who may not yet be familiar with the Central Polk Parkway, it is a proposed extension of the current Polk Parkway that would loop through the Eastern parts of Polk County with proposed connections at the Winter Lake Road exit of the existing Polk Parkway and connect to I-4 near the Polk County and Osceola County line. This road will provide more direct access from the Orlando market to east Polk County as well as provide relief on US HWY 27 as the main entry point to northeast Polk County to both tourists, locals and the increased levels of logistics and distribution traffic due to the success of the CSX Central Florida ILC. While it is currently on the Florida Department of Transportation project list the design is only partially funded. The Chamber Board of Directors believe that it is vitally important that this project move forward as a top priority. For more information on the proposed development visit 

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3 Responses to Chamber Board passes Resolution of Support for the Central Polk Parkway

  1. Anita Strang says:

    I am proud that our Chamber of Commerce is taking this initiative, this connector is critical to growth.

  2. Donna Urbina says:

    I am appalled at the planning that was done on this road. It will benefit no one but the rich land owners who seek to have the public pay for roads that will increase their property values while destroying people’s lives and families. We have worked hard all our life and bought our 5 acres and home through hard work. Now the county is preparing to pay us a pittance of what it is worth. We raised our 4 sons on this land and still have our severely handicapped son at home living with us. It will be devastating to him to see the only home he has ever lived in, be destroyed. My heart is breaking and I continue to cry .. thinking how heartless people are and how there are so many alternatives to enhancing 27. But then it would not connect to the rich land owners for their benefit.. what a sad world we live in, when we can take someone’s home without recompense and destroy the life that families have built. The so sad and ironic thing is, we have lived on a dirt road for 34 years and they said they have no money to pave it.. but they have found money to build over it.

  3. mike spradley says:

    As you can see the area around winter haven and lake wales has come quite busy. The extension would be a great benefit to our area, we all cry about the econmy, sure some may get rich,but what about those who need a job. They said the growth due to csx and the businesses that will come, putting money back in our neighbors. So i say. BUILD IT and we all prosper.

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