Corbett is Community Banker of the Year

John Corbett, CEO, CenterState Banks

CenterState Bank CEO John Corbett has been named Community Banker of the Year by American Banker Magazine. The magazine states, “CenterState Bank has grown more than 30 percent in less than three years to $2.4 billion in assets at September 30. It is the most aggressive failed-bank  buyer based in Florida that is not backed by private equity — and one of the few multibillion-asset, homegrown banks left in the state.”

The magazine continues, “That kind of growth and Corbett’s strategy for generating more, has helped him to convince several veteran bank CEOs in the state to leave their own institutions and join him … Corbett’s tactic of finding top CEOs in markets where CenterState plans to acquire banks has worked out well in several cities.”

Ernie Pinner, Chairman and CEO of CenterState’s parent company, Center State Banks, Inc., states he trusts John implicitly. Pinner notes Corbett “is able to deal with the pressures of the business very successfully. He keeps things from getting out of hand or being overly excited and making decisions to quick.”

Pinner is Corbett’s mentor having met him at age 16 and, following college, joining him at what was then First Union. Pinner and Corbett left First Union in 1999 and took the risk of founding CenterState. The magazine went on to detail, “Even after Pinner and Corbett agreed to start CenterState, and had raised $10 million in capital, Corbett’s excitement over the new endeavor remained tinged with terror. On the day CenterState opened, ‘Ernie and I and seven employees opened the door and nobody was there.’ Corbett says “I thought, ‘Oh gosh, we made the worst mistake of our lives.'”

But the customers eventually came as did the acquisitions.

Congratulations John and CenterState!


Taken from the American Banker article honoring Corbett as Community Banker of the Year.



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8 Responses to Corbett is Community Banker of the Year

  1. Kim Hulverson says:

    Congratulations to John & CenterState Bank!!!!

  2. Bill Dorman says:

    Congrats John; well deserved.

  3. Howard Beckert says:

    Congratulations on a job well done.

  4. Way to go John,
    Entrepreneurial spirit, risk taking, dedication, team leadership are some words which come to mind. The recognition is well deserved. Again, congratulations to you and the entire team over at CenterState.

  5. Lauren Schwenk says:

    What an incredible honor! Congrats!

  6. Mark Turner says:

    Congratulations John! Quite an honor for you & well deserved. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to read the magazine article in its entirety, I’m sure you attributed much of your success to being a member of our Leadership Winter Haven class. Way to go.

  7. Tom Oldt says:

    Great tribute to a terrific banker with a stellar bank. As one of the first to walk through the doors of CSB, I’ve always been impressed by the dedication and professionalism of its staff. Great people make great institutions.

  8. David Kaylor says:

    Nicely done John.
    It reminds me of the expression—“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”
    The point being that luck comes to those who make it. Hard work, intelligence and ethics translate into success.
    Having known John since middle school, I can say that sometimes nice guys finish first.

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