Mud Bog and Motocross for Haven’s South Gateway?

Field of Dreams Motor Sports, Inc. has filed for a pre-application conference with the Polk County Land Development Review Committee planning to construct a mud bog and motocross mud track on land west of U.S. 17 and adjacent to the Lake Lulu/Shipp Canal. The”Field of Dreams Mud Bog” is represented by Stephen Vaughan who lists his address as Lake Wales. Among other things, plans submitted to Polk County include plans for “airboat races” on a canal that the owners have dug on the property.

Some might ask: “Is a motocross mud track and mud bog appropriate for a city gateway. Are airboat races appropriate adjacent to where hotels are proposed (The Landings).”

Others might ask: “Should a mud bog be located adjacent to the Lake Lulu/Shipp Canal and risk overflow during extreme rain events such as those of the past weekend.

The time for getting answers to those questions will be at the Review Meeting:

The Land Development Review Committee
Thursday, July 12
2nd Floor Conference Room
Neil Combee Administration Building
330 West Church Street, Bartow

This application is scheduled to be heard first on the agenda at 8:30 a.m.

You may address your comments to:

Please share this information with any interested parties you feel appropriate.

Download a full size copy of the Site Plan here.


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7 Responses to Mud Bog and Motocross for Haven’s South Gateway?

  1. Jamie knight says:

    I think it is a great idea that will bring entertainment to the community along with jobs to support our economy

  2. Kevin R Ward says:


  3. Jenny Ballestero says:


  4. Mechelle wittler says:

    I think at this point the county should not turn away any form of business & job creation here. There has been alot of money thrown around winter haven & not alot to show for it. I bet the landings will see more business from the people who use the mug bog & motocross than they will from any visitors from Legoland. Anything is better than what is there now.

  5. Ben VanRyswyk says:

    Great concept, Wrong location!

    Has anyone considered the noise factor of multiple racing machines running at the same time with aftermarket exhaust and open headers.

    “Just Saying”!

  6. J Touchtone says:

    Not a great location considering the noise…I’m all for new business but this is too close to residential areas…

  7. Concerned Party says:

    I agree with Kevin Ward, Ben VanRyswyk and J Touchtone. We DO need an additional recreational draw in Winter Haven, however the noise factor that will result from a project such as this one should be given serious consideration with regard to our residential areas and the perception of the area by visitors and tourists. There are many other areas in which the Field of Dreams could be constructed.

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