Lakeland/Winter Haven MSA Among Eight Towns In FL Bucking the Downturn …

CNN Money is reporting that has ranked eight Florida communities among the top 10  turnaround towns in the Nation. They primarily attribute the turnaround here (the Lakeland – Winter Haven Metropolitan Statistical Area”MSA”) to the opening of LEGOLAND Florida and the 1000 jobs it has created.

Two minor flaws in the report … they tag the turnaround here “Lakeland” (our fair sister city to the west). Oh, and LEGOLAND Florida is in Winter Haven with 1100 + jobs and a waterpark on the way!

It’s no secret that LEGOLAND is great for all of Polk and that is outstanding because the MSA for Lakeland/Winter Haven is actually the combined sum of all that happens in ALL of Polk!

So thank you to That’s great news all around.

You can read the entire CNN Money report here.

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One Response to Lakeland/Winter Haven MSA Among Eight Towns In FL Bucking the Downturn …

  1. Doubting Tomas says:

    1000 jobs. I doubt it. If that is true, then most ,if not all, of the people who were recently hired, already live in the area so they are not going to buy houses.

    As a renound talk show host says, “Show me the money”

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