Chamber Board Urges New Chain of Lakes Complex Facilities

The Board of Directors of the Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce met today, February 25, 2011 for their mid-year planning retreat. Among the items considered on the agenda was the fate of the Chain of Lakes Complex property fronting US 17 at Cypress Gardens Boulevard. The Board discussions centered around the critical need for hotels, restaurants and upscale shopping amenities as the community looks to entertain the guests of LEGOLAND Florida. Also of serious concern was quality facilities to replace the aging recreation, swimming and theatre complex.

After lengthy discussion the Board approved the following resolution directed to the City of Winter Haven.



The Board of Directors of the Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce strongly urges the City of Winter Haven to take the necessary steps to relocate the community facilities currently located on the Chain of Lakes Complex property at the intersection of US 17 and Cypress Gardens Boulevard.

The Board believes that the successful repurposing of this property featuring hotels, restaurants and retail is of critical importance to the long term economic well being of the business community including LEGOLAND Florida, and the citizens of Winter Haven.

As this community aspires to become a world-class tourism, technology and logistic center, the aging facilities located on this important parcel deserve to be recreated to serve a new and vibrant economy.

Toward this end the Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce pledges our support in working to create community partnerships that can assure the successful realization of this important vision.

Unanimously approved this 25th day of February 2011.

Cynthia Price, President

Ed. Note: The Chamber’s resolution does not preclude reconstruction Chain of Lakes facilities on that site where feasible. The primary concern is replacing aging inadequate facilities while expediting the construction of hotels, restaurants and specialty retail to complement the LEGOLAND Florida theme park as well as Winter Haven’s amenities.

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5 Responses to Chamber Board Urges New Chain of Lakes Complex Facilities

  1. Beth Evans says:


  2. Bill Dorman says:

    Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Chamber mid-yr retreat but concur wholeheartedly with the resolution. The entire project needs to be first class and the city needs to explore all collaborative efforts to help them achieve something the entire area will be proud of.

  3. jc says:

    Is there plans to relocate the sewer pumping stations along hwy 17 that reside next to the complex ? Maybe it would help for the public to know that the smell would be taken care of before construction begins.

  4. Bob Gernert says:

    Yes. Replacement facilities have been designed and will be constructed when the developer specifies the exact site.

  5. Billy Roberts says:

    This is truly a great and one of probably the most significant things to happen to Winter Haven in the past 50 years. As the mayor calls it, it is the crown jewel of Winter Haven. As plans progress questions need to be asked and answers need to be provided.
    Such as: Can the developer the City is working with truly pull this project off or is it over his head? New public facilities are said to be in the works, what kind? Will the public have a chance for direct input on the design, location and contents?
    Many people are calling for partnerships and collaborative efforts in the new facilities: What does this mean? Will the entire community still have equal access to these facilities, Will the public have any input as to what these collaborative efforts/partnerships may be or will they be executed with already selected groups behind closed doors?
    In all of the excitement of the project, many public features which are being publicized are the waterfront amenities. In all of the projections for new facilities, none of these items seem to have been accounted for, who will finance these and build them?
    This is a very significant and important project for the Community. Have we really thought everything out though? I sure hope so.

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