Board Meeting generates a… new kitchen?

Many of us sit on boards – from not-for-profits to banks to churches to corporations. Many times those board meetings are about reviewing financials, recapping the past few months and setting strategy and goals for the next month or quarter.

logos_r4_c2Well chamber member A Ward Design is putting a whole new meaning behind a “productive” board meeting. On Friday, February 20 they will host the Cabinet Makers Association (CMA) board meeting that through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity will build an entire kitchen in one day for a local family in need.

Residential and commercial cabinetmakers and woodworkers from across the country will come together to make this day possible.  100% donated labor, 100% donated products and one fantastic group of talented individuals sharing their experience and knowledge to help another. They will start the day designing the kitchen with the help of KCD Software – specialized software to facilitate woodworkers, designers, builders and renovators of cabinetry. After touring the facility they will be broken up into teams to tackle the project. One kitchen. One day. One happy family.

The new kitchen will be installed in a Habitat for Humanity home here in Winter Haven for a single-mother and her son. I learned something new when  writing this story. The recipient of this home doesn’t just sign up one day and get a home. They are invested in the home. The beneficiary of this project enrolled in the Habitat program in 2013 and went through a very detailed qualifying process.  After qualification she has spent 20 hours per month helping to build other homes through Habitat.   She has attended classes on budgeting and preparing her for the future.  In addition, she will make a 20-year commitment to her mortgage that goes back to Habitat and helps funds other home projects.  The recipient has been involved in the building of her own home and learning how to properly maintain it. So not only is her dream coming true, but she will be helping others realize their dream. 

Kevin Ward, President and Eric Ward, Vice President of A Ward Design

Kevin Ward, President and Eric Ward, Vice President, of A Ward Design

A Ward Design has been a long standing member of the Cabinet Makers Association and Owner Kevin Ward is an educational speaker throughout the year. CMA members are not in competition with each other; in fact quite the opposite. They believe that working together is the best way to improve individual companies as well as the industry as a whole and what better way to share and learn but to build together.


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6 Responses to Board Meeting generates a… new kitchen?

  1. A Ward Designs is a fantastic company that I have had the pleasure to work with over the years with temporary staffing. Kevin and his wife Tonda are always doing something for the community. They are one of the best cabinet builders in our area and this home they are building the cabinets for will truly have a great kitchen. Thank you Kevin and Tonda!

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  3. Karen Zapata says:

    A Ward Design built a kitchen for me during a remodel project at my home several years ago. The quality is outstanding; the cabinets still look and function as new! I also appreciated the guidance provided during the design process. Features were added that I never would have thought of! In addition, the customer service at A Ward Design is terrific!

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