Six/Ten Announces “Raingarden Apartments”

Six-Ten Logo- Revised for LLCSix/Ten, LLC,  announced today the official groundbreaking of a 9-unit apartment project in downtown Winter Haven. The project will be the first new residential project in the downtown area in more than 25 years. The apartments will be located on a now vacant lot at the corner of Avenue A and Second Street, SW. A brief groundbreaking ceremony will be held on the site at 10:30 a.m., Monday, January 27, 2014.

“The Raingarden” apartments have been designed by Max W. Strang, of Max Strang Architecture, with offices in Miami and Telluride. Mr. Strang is an award-winning architect, recently honored with the 2013 Silver Medal for Design, its highest honor, by the Miami chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Strang is a native of Winter Haven.

“Promoting downtown living and the revitalization of the neighborhoods around the downtown core is a primary goal of Six/Ten’s”, said Kerry Wilson, the President of the Company. “These apartments will not only epitomize the modernist movement of which Max Strang is a rising star, but will harmonize with Winter Haven’s amazing collection of Gene Leedy architecture.”

The apartments will each consist of approximately 1,800 square feet of living space, with a private courtyard and enclosed two-car garage. Their location is within easy walking distance of Winter Haven’s downtown amenities, restaurants and retail locations. Renderings of the project will be available at the groundbreaking.

Everett R. Whitehead & Son, Inc., will construct the project expected to be completed during the fourth quarter of 2014.

Six/Ten, LLC is a real estate, leasing and diversified investment company.


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21 Responses to Six/Ten Announces “Raingarden Apartments”

  1. SAM KILLEBREW says:

    Time to open a small grocery store or deli

  2. Anita Strang says:

    These apartments can not be built fast enough, and many more should follow.
    Last year Main Street Winter Haven, Inc. brought Kennedy Smith, a nationally recognized expert in downtown revitalization to Winter Haven. Her advice to us was to build residential in the downtown district as fast as we can and watch it explode. I am looking forward to that!

  3. Scott Kline says:

    What a nice addition to downtown Winter Haven. Thank you Six/Ten

  4. Laura Barnes says:

    I can’t think of a better addition to our ever expanding downtown. This a very exciting news!

  5. Suzie Moraco says:

    A very welcome addition to downtown. Than you 6/10!

  6. What a wonderful contibution to our great city! I can’t wait to watch the progress and the completion of this project.

  7. Terry Worthiungton says:

    Every community needs a 6/10. Exciting opportunities!

  8. Jeff potter says:

    Welcome to the band wagon people. We have been patiently waiting for this type of development. 6/10 is stepping up to the plate.Thank you

  9. Steve Crisman says:

    Thanks 6/10 for having the vision to meet needs in our downtown. Can’t wait to see the construction begin!

  10. Marti Sutton says:

    Excellent! 6/10 once again leads our downtown in the right direction.

  11. Lisa Baker says:

    Very exciting news! I hope they will be pet friendly apartments.

  12. Craig Clevenger says:

    Can’t wait to see people enjoying the convenient lifestyle downtown.

  13. This will really jazz up that area of our downtown. Also having Max Strang as the architect / designer is a really great addition to it all.

  14. The ground-breaking will be good news, but the ribbon cutting really has me excited. Winter Haven is turning a corner and finding a bright future just around the bend. Thanks to 6/10 for taking a leadership role, making the most of the opportunity they foresee, and showing the rest of us how to really have a positive impact on our community. Way to go! This is such great news.

  15. Rodney K. Chauncey says:

    Thank you 6/10, your organization continues to make Winter Haven and the Downtown area so appealing!!!

  16. Yay! Finally! Desi Groover (Groover Companies, Inc.) has been saying this for about 6 years. Build Residential living spaces downtown and the people will come. We DO need a downtown grocery store too!

  17. Renee Butler says:

    Wow! I am always amazed at Six/Ten and the innovation of the vision that leads our community to set the standard to build a greater tomorrow! You guys ROCK!

  18. Economic Development at it’s best ! Great job, Six/Ten !

  19. Any room for a hot tub in the private court yard?

  20. RAY KENT says:

    when is Rain Garden Apartments do to open and when will jobs be available to the public. think you .

  21. The Rain Garden Apartments are anticipated to be available for move-in in late 2014. I am not sure what you mean in terms of jobs, so feel free to elaborate. The construction is already underway.

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