Parking Garage: Winter Haven-style …

The beautiful Mike Potthast photograph below shows in dramatic detail our City’s new downtown parking garage. The garage was designed by Collman & Karsky Architects and built by Everett Whitehead & Sons Construction. It will be dedicated at ceremonies to be held Tuesday, April 17 at 10:o0 a.m. This striking building is a credit to the vision of our City Commission and City Administration.

Yes, it really is a parking garage!

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15 Responses to Parking Garage: Winter Haven-style …

  1. Johnny Read says:

    Absolutely beautiful

  2. Deloris Johnson says:

    I have seen it in person and must say that this is a Great Piece of architectural work for a parking garage…way to go CITY OF WINTER HAVEN.

  3. Rodney K. Chauncey says:

    Wow! This is truly a beautiful building and will help the downtown area tremendously. I toured the building, with Leadership Winter Haven, and was amazed at its great construction. Kudos to the City of Winter Haven and others that made this happen.

  4. Bob Wilson says:

    Great shot of the Parking Garage! This is by far one of the best looking parking garages I’ve seen. Great Design and execution.

  5. Judy Cleaves says:

    What a great addition to our downtown. It is delightful, and will provide excellent access to our local businesses!

  6. dolores barton says:

    what could be such an ugly addition is a thing of class. thanks for caring what
    downtown looks like and being a delight to the eye.

  7. Craig Collins says:

    Kudos to all involved….a beautiful display of community leadership and architectural talent. Great for the City of Winter Haven, great for Polk County!

  8. Kimm Moore says:

    Way to go! It’s about time! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you!

  9. Tressa says:

    The garage looks completely amazing!!! Kudos to Whitehead Construction for building and completing a vision and giving Winter Haven an upscale and beautiful addition, who would ever guess it was a parking garage! Great Job Winter Haven and all those involved in making it happen.

  10. Adrian Jones says:

    THE most ‘beautiful’ parking garage I have ever seen……magnificent

  11. Howard Latham says:

    i want one ……………

  12. Barbara Westfall says:

    So beautiful. Winter Haven is finally getting a new fresh look!!!!!
    Thanks to all who had a hand in this.

  13. David Lane says:

    I think this is an excellent addition to our downtown. Yesterday I even parked in it. It is convenient and there is ample room to get in and out of it. Lets keep reminding people that they should take advantage of our new parking garage. As for the beautiful Pothast picture, I think we should make it into a post card. Winter Haven really doesn’t have any descent recent post cards or is the current generation no longer sending postcards?

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  15. tyler says:

    Beautiful. This should be the future of parking facilities!

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