Mud Bog Plans Withdrawn … For Now …

Plans change regarding Mud Bog and Motocross.

The following information was provided by the City of Winter Haven Planning Department:

As you may be aware, an application was submitted to Polk County for a Level I (Development Review Committee) review of the Field of Dreams Motor Sports project (Polk County Project #55957). This application included a mud bog, truck pull, motocross, and airboat races operation on the property located off Lake Shipp Drive and US 17, behind Advance Auto Parts, to the south of the Lake Shipp/Lake Lulu Canal.

John Bohde, Polk County Current Planning Administrator stated that the Field of Dreams Motor Sports Inc. application was suspended by the owner of the property, Gary Resmondo. This means that this case will not be heard by the Polk County DRC on July 12th and that the applicant has up to 180 days to move the application forward. When Mr. Resmondo requested the suspension of the application, he also requested a transfer of the applicant name from Stephen Vaughan to Gary Resmondo and the removal of air boats from the application; so even if it moves forward at a later date, air boats will not be a part of the request.

County staff has worked very closely with City staff on this case since the application submittal and we will continue to do so. If anything changes with regard to the application or a meeting date is set, we will let you know.

The Chamber blog will provide updated information if these plans are resubmitted.

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4 Responses to Mud Bog Plans Withdrawn … For Now …

  1. Well, Thank Goodness!

  2. Paul says:


    I was digging the idea initially but we have to be honest with ourselves-this endeavor really does reinforce some of the stereotypes associated with living and working in Polk County.

    I hope it pulls through with a mutual understanding and agreement with all sides involved but we also have to be mindful of the message that we send with this type of project, especially in light of some of the other things we are doing here. And we need to be mindful of the image we convey with Polk County potentially becoming a breeding ground for international commerce.

  3. robert sillery says:

    worthwhile project-wrong location.

  4. Rosemary says:

    This would not be good for Winter Haven in this location. It could be a safety issue for drivers going over the overpass and trying to see what is going on down below. I am not sure what this piece of property could be used for but I do not think this proposal should be considered at all.

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