LEGOLAND Announces 152-Bed Hotel

Lakeside and onsite in the park the property is expected to open in 2015.

LLF Hotel Frontage Visual

The hotel is projected to create 250 jobs while under construction and employ 250 when it opens. The hotel’s site will connect to the main gate at the park through an expansive plaza and will feature extensive “LEGO-fication” sure to appeal to the family market.  In the words of General Manager Adrian Jones, “Imagine a child waking up in the morning in the largest and most beautiful LEGOLAND park in the world!” Dignitaries tossed shovelfuls of LEGO into the air to symbolically commence the project.

A very big day for LEGOLAND Florida, Winter Haven and Polk County!

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7 Responses to LEGOLAND Announces 152-Bed Hotel

  1. Fantastic news for Legoland Florida and for the Winter Haven community.

  2. Deric C. Feacher says:

    Amazing accomplishment for the LEGOLAND, Florida team. Winter Haven is thrilled with this announcement.

  3. Suzie Moraco says:

    This is outstanding news. So happy for the success of LegoLand and all it means for our community. Kudos to Adrian and his team for their success and for being such good community partners.

  4. It’s good to see our neighbor doing so well and investing so visibly in the success of their business as well as our community. May their horizons be boundless and their joy unlimited. They’ve certainly made a wonderful impression on their guests. Thank you, Legoland Florida. You’re doing just great!

  5. Jeff says:

    Is this going to be a renovation of the Parkview Hotel the old Admirals Inn? Or is this going to be a new from the ground up build? Where exactly will it be located in relationship too the park? Thank you

  6. David Petr says:

    Today’s announcement is “bricktastic” news for Winter Haven and Polk County. Thank you to the creative and collaborative leadership throughout our region to make this hotel development a reality. Congratulations to LEGOLAND Florida, Adrian Jones and your many model citizens.

  7. HNM Menswear says:

    AWESOME!! Congratulations to Adrain and the Florida LEGOLAND Team!

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