Looking to the Future: Let YOUR Voice Be Heard!


• To have a great ambition or ultimate goal; desire strongly.
• To strive toward an end.
• To soar.

                                       – American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

You are invited to become a part of something that can make Winter Haven a place where people want to live, work, play and raise a Aspire Winter Havenfamily. “Aspire Winter Haven” is a community-wide project that will reach out into neighborhoods and organizations, schools and churches to gather information on the hopes, dreams and aspirations of those who make this community their home.

Some may dream of owning their own home, others may want more inter-connected bike and walking paths, lake access, better roads and parks or improved access to health care. Still others have more simple interests like a sidewalk or street light.

Aspire Winter Haven is open to any interested citizen who wants to share their thoughts on what they believe to be this community’s priorities. Working together we can draft a living, breathing document outlining those things the community feels are most important – those things to which we aspire.

Why this effort … why now? Winter Haven is at a tipping point … an incredibly opportune moment for new jobs, parks, recreational facilities, art and culture venues and economic development. The collective input of our citizens can guide City Commissioners as they budget tax dollars. Such plans can also help other organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Winter Haven, Polk State College, Winter Haven Economic Development Council, United Way of Central Florida and Winter Haven Hospital as they plan for the future.

Aspire Winter Haven is designed to revisit the community vision developed in 2002 – a plan that profoundly changed this community for the better. All of us are better at some things than others … but none of us is better than all of us together!

Join us and bring your aspirations to the table! Visit


and sign up to learn more and share your opinions!

Information: email info@aspirewinterhaven.com    

Telephone: 863.293-1209

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Meet the project co-chairs …

Deric Feacher, Assistant City Manager
Lauren O. Schwenk, Oakley Rhinehart Cassidy

Deric Feacher and Lauren Schwenk are leading the 2012 Aspire Winter Haven community visioning project. They along with a Steering Committee chaired by Cheryl Beckert, Cheryl Beckert State Farm Insurance, provide over site for the project. Other Steering Committee members include: Nathaniel Birdsong, Florence Villa CDC; Frank Fischer, MD, Fischer, Schemmer, Silbiger and Moreszewski; Bob Gernert, Winter Haven Chamber; Mike Kingham, ePolk.com; Nelson Kirkland, Central Florida Media Group; Ingram Leedy, iThink Partners; Bonnie Parker, SunTrust Bank; John Scheck, Morgan Stanely Smith Barney;  Joel Thomas, Winter Haven Hospital; Peter Usinger, Polk State College and Kerry Wilson, Peterson Myers Attorneys.

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