A Towering Tribute to a Great Winter Haven Asset …

The City of Winter Haven joined with Polk State College officials to unveil a newly repainted water tower featuring the Polk State logo. The tower is located at the south entrance to the city and symbolizes the growing partnership between the college and the city.  The college, with facilities throughout the county, began with its original campus in Winter Haven. Polk State will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2014. Soar Eagles!

Mayor J. P. Powell and Polk State President Eileen Holden, Ed. D. with the "Polk-tastic" tower looming in the distance.

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10 Responses to A Towering Tribute to a Great Winter Haven Asset …

  1. Andrea Cruz says:

    Very cool! Soar, Eagles!

  2. Doug Lockwood says:

    Excellent idea! Soar Eagles!

  3. Deric Feacher says:

    Welcome to Eagle Country!

  4. Soaring like an Eagle, we are so “Polk-tastic.”

  5. Marc Burnett says:

    As a Graduate from Polk Community College as it was known way back when, I am certainly proud to see this impressive new Landmark and tribute to a Great College!

  6. Bob Wilson says:

    This looks great!! Super for our town and the College!

  7. The Eagle looks right at home towering over the Winter Haven downtown corridor. Good things will be coming from the partnerships being formed today. PSC and Winter Haven are a match made in heaven. I’m just glad to be here to see it happen.

  8. Anita Strang says:

    Looks Great! Thank you City of Winter Haven and Polk State for all you do

  9. David Abner says:

    Just one of many positive changes our city leaders are making to make Winter Haven a great place to live! Keep up the good work!

  10. Rodney K. Chauncey says:

    It is truely Great to live in Winter Haven, our community leaders have done so much. Kudos to Mayor Powell and Dr. Holden, for their continued work!

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