Ritz Sign Lighting Caught in Time Lapse …

Downtown’s historic Ritz Theatre held a Fat Tuesday celebration last evening to mark the re-installation and lighting of its historic neon sign. Potthast Studios (thank you Mike) captured the occasion on this beautiful time-lapse segment … Click the video below to view

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6 Responses to Ritz Sign Lighting Caught in Time Lapse …

  1. Melea Gernert says:

    That is awesome! Winter Haven is SO lucky to have the talented Mike Potthast among our citizens!!!

  2. Mike Kingham says:

    Wow, great work Mike Potthast. I love the way the clouds are moving different directions early in the video.

  3. Judy Cleaves says:

    You did it again Mike! Your creative ideas and talent are wonderful. We are indeed fortunate to have such a talented young man in winter haven Florida

  4. Joy Townsend says:

    Good stuff. Mike thanks for sharing.

  5. Tom Conroy says:

    It’s good to see Winter Haven coming alive again.

  6. Adrian Jones says:

    Absolutely breathtaking work.

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