Vacant Albertson’s store soon to be occupied

photo 2CenterState Bank has announced the relocation of their Operations Center to the long vacant former Albertson’s location on the corner of HWY 17 and Havendale Blvd (directly behind the Racetrac). The bank entered a long-term lease for the 60,000 square feet of space and will be investing $2 million into renovations to relocate approximately 140 employees to the new site. The center should be fully operational by the spring of 2015.

CenterState was founded as a start-up bank in Winter Haven in 2000. After thirteen mergers and acquisitions since 2009, CenterState has grown to be one of the largest banks headquartered in Florida’s with $4 Billion in assets and 850 employees located in six states.
John Corbett, President/CEO, CenterState Bank

John Corbett, President/CEO, CenterState Bank

“By centralizing all of our administrative and operations functions to this new facility, we are  reaffirming that we plan to keep Winter Haven as our long-term company headquarters,” said CenterState Bank’s President/CEO John Corbett.



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13 Responses to Vacant Albertson’s store soon to be occupied

  1. Lauren Schwenk says:

    What a tremendous tenant for that space! Based on Centerstate’s history of making beautiful commercial properties, I cannot wait to see what they do to the building. Congrats!

  2. Judy Cleaves says:

    Thank you Center State Bank. That will truly breathe new life into that shopping center and to one of the entrances to our city!!

  3. Hooray! CenterState Bank knows how to grow and make beautiful too!
    I love Winter Haven (since 1975) and love to see progress. Congratulations to all involved!

  4. Bob Gernert says:

    Outstanding news! An outstanding tenant for a building in sore need of one. Winter Haven wins again! Thanks CenterState!

  5. Lynda Mattson says:

    Congratulations… I’m certain the entire community will appreciate this!

  6. Marilyn O'Shea says:

    Wonderful news for Winter Haven!

  7. Beth says:

    What a wonderful upgrade for this space! Thank you, CenterState for all you do for our community.

  8. Since our relocation to Havendale Blvd. almost one year ago, we are excited to have this building put back into service on the north side of Winter Haven. Looking forward to having you as neighbors Center State. Congratulations !

  9. Deborah Winters says:

    Great news for Winter Haven and congratulations to CenterState!!

  10. Deric Feacher says:


  11. Annette King says:

    CenterState always gives to and considers their communities, continuing to affirm their long standing proclamation of being a community bank.

  12. Nadine Schwegler says:

    We have enough banks and dollar stores. What we need is a good place to shop. That’s all we get in Winter Haven. Why not a Wegmans or a Trader Joes? We really need a mall, take down Eagle Ridge and build something decent. You have to travel too far to shop. The only decent store is Macys.

  13. Nadine,

    Thanks for your comment. While we (and economists) agree that we are under-retailed and that we do need more options for shopping, the rehabilitation of this building with up to 150-200 employees is a great thing. This building has been vacant for many years and adding this density of employees to that area can help spark additional offerings (dining, shopping, etc.) to service those employees. Development tends to beget development and with the announcement of TJ Maxx, we could see additional interest in this area. Other announcements such as the high-end convenience store/fueling station, Wawa, and Chipotle are other good signs. There are many, many factors that go into a retailers decision to come into an area – income demographics, availability of prime locations, number of rooftops in a 10 miles radius of the store, the type of retail that is in the area already. We are strong in some areas and as the anticipated development continues to come to fruition we will become event stronger.

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