Parking Garage Appears in 30 Seconds …

In partnership with Everett Whitehead and Son, Inc., ePolk has released a video entitled “200 Days in 30 Seconds – the Construction of the Downtown Winter Haven Parking Garage.” The video was created from images taken by a Whitehead Construction Web camera, recording the project since it began. Those images have become an instantaneous photo-journal of the project. The video can be found on the ePolk Web site,

Nearing completion, the downtown parking garage is scheduled to be dedicated on April 17. Located at the corner of Third Street, NW and Avenue A, NW, the garage will add 267 parking spaces for merchants and visitors to downtown Winter Haven. The construction firm building the garage, Everett Whitehead and Son, Inc. has been headquartered in Winter Haven since 1954.

ePolk, Inc. is located on the park in downtown Winter Haven. The technology company specializes in custom ecommerce solutions for large and small businesses.

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3 Responses to Parking Garage Appears in 30 Seconds …

  1. Jim Parker says:


  2. Patti (Kok) West says:

    The Video was phenomenal. Great job Everett Whitehead and Sons.

  3. David Petr says:

    Where some see a beautiful parking garage, I see a wonderful opportunity for economic development. Congratulations on creating a new asset in Winter Haven, the City of Creativity!

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