Aldi, Zaxby’s and Murphy Oil Planned for Haven …

Site plans have been submitted for a multi-structure development directly north of Payless Shoes and south of the former Atlanta Bread store (US Highway 17 and Avenue K, SW across from Citi Centre). The parcel was formerly occupied by Winter Haven Citrus Growers and Hart Oil Company. Site plans call for a 17,866 sq. ft. ALDI food store, a 3407 sq. ft. Zaxby’s Restaurant, and a 10 pump island Murphy Oil Station.

According to the submitted site plan, Winter Haven Venture-2, a Texas limited partnership out of Dallas is the developer. Once the submitted site plan is approved development may begin.



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6 Responses to Aldi, Zaxby’s and Murphy Oil Planned for Haven …

  1. David Lane says:

    This is really exciting. The businesses keep flocking into Winter Haven. This means jobs and an enriched community with a wide aray of services for all of us who live here. It is also making Winter Haven more attractive for visitors and those looking for a great relocation place. The word must be getting out. Winter Haven is the place to be!!! Is anyone keeping count of all these changes? Or do we only do that when they are actually in place.

  2. jim says:

    Good location.

  3. Corrine Wright says:

    Any new news on this? There hasn’t been any signs of construction.

  4. bob says:

    any further updates on this project or is it dead in the water?

  5. Bob Gernert says:

    Site plans have been approved by the City for each of the projects. Aldi’s and Murphy Oil have submitted building plans and are currently selecting contractors. Zaxby’s is expected to follow shortly.

  6. Dale Jones says:

    Building multi restaruants in Winter Haven has been long due coming. Now we are seeing this happening and it’s a boost for our city. Looking forward to trying out Zaxby’s when completed.

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